License Verification Tool | HIV/AIDS Certified LPN/LVN

HIV/AIDS Certified LPN/LVN’s must stay up-to-date with regular license and certification verifications and renewals. Maintaining occupational licenses and certifications is a continuous, yet critical process for employers and regulatory compliance. Certemy has developed a software platform to streamline managing and verifying licenses, credentials, and certifications that offers employers and individuals confidence and assurance that they are using valid, currently active, and accurate information.

The platform provides support for license, certification, and credential verifications. With automated verification and tracking through primary sources, employers and organizations can stay ahead of regulatory requirements as they must maintain valid, active credentials. This also provides them with transparency and control over their workforce compliance programs and eliminates the manual dependency on manual processes.

Using Certemys platform, employers and organizations can save time, reduce risk, and improve staff utilization by having real-time visibility of detailed employee license and credentials in one system. Automated license tracking and primary source verification can drastically reduce the time spent on manual training and retaining valid credentials. Additionally, Certemy helps streamline license applications with prebuilt workflows that are fully configurable.

Certemy helps employers automate their verification process, increase visibility, and reduce risk for their organization as their workforce and compliance grow. Employers can leverage Certemys verification process to stay ahead of regulatory compliance while taking the burden off of manual processes. The automated, primary source verification process allows employers to make sure the licenses and certifications are active and appropriately renewed.

By utilizing Certemy for license and certification verification, employers are able to save time and money while ensuring compliance and accuracy of certifications and licenses in their organization. Certemystreamlines the verification process and eliminates manual dependency, creating a more efficient credentialing process for organizations and their HR departments.


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