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For many businesses, managing a workforce compliance program can be time-consuming if manual processes are used. Third-party primary source verification of employee licenses and certifications can alleviate the workload and help ensure regulatory compliance. Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) have a set of licensure requirements to practice and must meet any local or state regulations, which can differ widely across the United States. With an automated license verification system, businesses can save time and mitigate risk while keeping their workforce compliant.

What Is an LVN?

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) have a broad scope of practice in states across the United States. They are healthcare professionals licensed by the respective state boards of nursing. Prelicensure education involves both classroom instruction and clinical training, and the practice may also include midwifery and medical assisting. LVNs provide basic nursing care such as administering treatments, monitoring patients, and recording vital signs.

The Importance of Licensing and Compliance

License verification is a crucial part of any organizations workforce compliance program. It is essential for employers to verify that their healthcare professionals have all required credentials in good standing before they are allowed to practice. Primary source verification can help ensure that worker credentials are valid, as it involves manual contact with the licensing agency responsible for the verification. Employers may encounter issues if they rely on available public records, due to the possibility of outdated or false information.

The Benefits of Automated License Verification Systems

Automated license verification platforms such as Certemy can save both time and money. These systems use proprietary algorithms to connect to primary source databases as sources of truth and verify the authenticity of occupational licenses and certifications. The verification process is faster and much more secure than manual online verification. With such solutions, businesses have access to real-time information on employee license status and can quickly detect any changes in licensure or renewals.

The comprehensive dashboard feature allows employers to track and manage employee licenses and credentials, staying ahead of any potential compliance issues. Automation also enables real-time workforce compliance reporting, providing visibility and insights into pre- and post-hire compliance status.

Furthermore, automated license verification technology helps improve productivity across the entire organization. Pre-built workflows can be used to automate the license application process, and they are fully configurable to meet the needs of any business. This streamlines the onboarding and offboarding of employees and keeps up with governing regulations.

In summary

Employers can now confidently manage their LVN credentials with automated license verification systems from Certemy. Leveraging automation helps businesses save time and money, eliminate data inaccuracies, and protect employee and patient safety with end-to-end workforce compliance programs.


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