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Every business needs to know that their workforce is compliant with the regulatory licensing and certifications needed to work in their capacity. Failing to stay in compliance can result in fines, legal action, and trouble keeping the business running properly. For companies who utilize professionals with advanced certifications or licenses, verifying their continued eligibility for practice or operation can be a laborious and time-consuming process. Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that combines the best of compliance technology to enable organizations to monitor and manage employee licenses and certifications quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Certemy makes staying compliant with occupational licensing regulations incredibly easy. Their comprehensive system validates licenses and certifications from across an organizations employees to confirm that they are updated, free of sanctions, and compliant with regulations. Primary source verification is the securest and most reliable way to guarantee that employees remain in full compliance, and Certemys automated system takes the worry and hassle out of verifying licenses and certifications.

Certemys user-friendly platform can be used to track licenses and certifications as well as manage workflows related to all aspects of the licensing process. This helps to automate the time-consuming process of manual license management, allowing staff members to focus on ensuring employees remain in compliance with licensing regulations. Staying ahead of regulations is simplified through automated license tracking, notifications, and the real-time tracking of credentials. Furthermore, the software is completely configurable so that users can customize their compliance programs to fit the needs of their organization and goals.

Certemy is one of the most trusted providers of workforce license verification software, and powers many of the most successful primary source verification programs in the U.S. Their intuitive platform integrates easily into existing systems, allowing for a holistic view of the compliance process with increased accuracy compared to manual solutions. Companies rely on Certemy to save time, mitigate risk, and improve team productivity and compliance visibility from the top to the bottom of the organization.

Employers who utilize professional licenses and certifications in their workforce can trust Certemy to help manage their compliance program. Their comprehensive system provides highly secure license tracking, automated workflows, and real-time tracking for full visibility and control of employee and organizational compliance. With their competitive price point and user-friendly platform, Certemy is the leading license and certification management system for businesses of all sizes.


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