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In Todays regulatory landscape, employers must ensure that all of their employees have up-to-date and valid occupational licenses and certifications. Not only can failure to do so lead to fines and other punitive measures from agencies, it can also affect the reputation of the organization and its customers. The good news is, there is a powerful tool available to help employers stay on top of their licensing and certification requirements: License Verification.

Using License Verification, employers can verify that their employees’ licenses and certifications are active and up-to-date with primary source verification. This process simplifies the compliance landscape and puts employers in the driver’s seat. HR departments and compliance leads can trust that their workforce is compliant and will remain compliant even as regulations and licensing requirements change over time.

What exactly is License Verification?

License Verification is a primary source verification platform that helps employers stay ahead of regulatory compliance by validating occupational licenses and certifications. The platform provides complete visibility and control into each employees licensing status, allowing employers to quickly identify and act upon any discrepancies. Furthermore, License Verification automatically tracks and manages licenses and certifications, identifying when and which ones need to be renewed.

Licensing requirements for many occupational roles can vary from state to state, which makes obtaining and keeping track of the right licenses a challenging task. This is where License Verification shines. The platform’s pre-built workflows are configurable to automate the entire license application process for each employee. This allows teams to quickly apply for and track multiple different licenses in various jurisdictions, saving them time and effort. Plus, they can be confident that all their license applications are accurate and up-to-date.

Finally, the platform is designed to improve team productivity and visibility across the entire organization. HR departments, door supervisors, trainers, and other managers alike can have access to all the necessary licensing information in one system of record. This allows employees to be productive and compliant more quickly.

License Verification is trusted by some of the largest US employers, who use it to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization. Leveraging License Verification will help any organization, regardless of size, ensure they are compliant with current licensing and certification requirements – giving them the peace of mind that their organization is up-to-date and fully compliant.


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