Telehealth Compliance

As telehealth organizations, compliance risk is a key risk to manage and mitigate. To thoroughly mitigate compliance risk, organizations should look to invest in certification management services. Certification management services are comprehensive solutions, designed to effectively streamline, control, and manage the end-to-end certification and attestation process. These services reduce compliance risk through increased transparency and repeatable processes.

The healthcare industry is highly regulated and subject to various government regulations. Thus, a key component of managing compliance risk for telehealth organizations is staying up-to-date with regulatory compliance requirements. The certification management process allows organizations to maintain a clear and concise track of on-going certification and attestations for various areas; including third-party risk assessments, HIPAA compliance, Office of Inspector General annual certifications, Privacy Shield certifications, and ISO and SOC certifications.

Certification management services include both internal assessments and the evaluations of third-party suppliers. During internal assessments, the organization is able to manage, track, and report on all regulatory certifications, attestations, and assessments. Activities such as collecting necessary documents, verifying their authenticity, performing risk assessments, and maintaining a library of certificates are made easy with automation services. For third-party supplier assessments, certification management services include thorough evaluations of third-party validations and certifications; including employee criminal background checks and intrusive investigation assessments. This can help to identify any irregularities and discrepancies in internal records as well as potential fraudulent behavior by third party suppliers.

Once implemented, certification management services allows organizations to have a more accurate and up-to-date overview of their compliance posture. This is achieved through automated reports and continuous monitoring. Automated reports can provide insights into areas of non-compliance in a timely manner and allows for corrections to be made quickly. Continuous monitoring allows for minute-based audits to ensure that all areas are being monitored and maintained. As a result, organizations can easily stay on top of any changes or new regulations and have a comprehensive view of their compliance status.

Overall, certification management services are an effective way to manage and mitigate compliance risk for telehealth organizations. By streamlining and automating the process, organizations can more easily maintain regulatory compliance and enjoy the benefits of greater transparency and improved risk management. Investing in these services is an important step in making sure that telehealth organizations remain compliant with current regulations and laws.