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Managing a large workforce of professionals can be a demanding and time-consuming task. Staying ahead of regulatory compliance can also be challenging for businesses and organizations that rely upon the expertise of nurses, teachers, engineers, and other regulated personnel. Primary source verification is a key component of any successful license compliance program. Automated verification solutions provide efficient tracking of professional certifications, outperforming manual processes across the board.

For legal nurse consultants and other specialist staff, proper license verification is an essential requirement for employers. License verification helps to limit risk for businesses and employers while also ensuring that your workforce is legally vetted and qualified. Certemy, a leader in occupational license verification, offers an automated license verification service based on primary source verification to provide real-time tracking of employee licenses. This helps employers keep their records up to date with the latest verification, promoting compliance and mitigating risk.

Certemys primary source verification service eliminates the tedium of manual license verification. Rather than relying on potential errors in filing paperwork or waiting for third-party companies to validate credentials, you can trust Certemys automated solution to keep track of regulations and verify licenses in real time. Certemys primary source verification service can also be used to streamline and automate license application processes by leveraging configurable workflows.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to track and manage their employee certifications and licenses. With the centralized platform, businesses have access to a comprehensive overview of their workforce compliance program. This visibility and control helps compliance teams to pinpoint and manage any faulty or expired licenses or certifications without the guessing and manual labor of traditional methods. Certemy is also designed to help reduce the operational burden of manual license applications as well as simplify other regulatory processes.

The power of automated primary source verification is that it is a secure and reliable way of managing compliance and risk. Businesses can trust Certemy to provide the latest state regulations and ongoing primary source verification to provide ongoing compliance with minimal effort. Certified nurses and other professionals can benefit from the license tracking platform for their individual careers, ensuring their professional certifications are up to date and accessible for potential employers.

For businesses, Certemys automated primary source verification service is an essential tool for compliance and managing risk levels. Licenses are easily tracked and monitored in one system of record for increased efficiency and a better overall utilization of staff. With an automated solution like Certemy, businesses have visibility and control over their workforce compliance program and can be certain that their personnel are properly certified and legally eligible to work.


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