License Verification Tool | Electrician Master Limited Low Voltage

As an electrical professional, you know that limited low voltage systems are essential for the safe and efficient functioning of a variety of electrical installations. In order for someone to be approved to work on systems rated below 50 volts, they must hold a Master Electrician certification. Master electricians must be able to demonstrate a high level of competence and knowledge not only in the most effective wiring and installation techniques but also in the related standards, safety codes and regulations.

Employers must keep track of all their employees’ certifications, verifying current credentials and putting reliable tracking systems in place. This task of tracking human resources certifications can be quite time consuming and complicated. Compliance leaders must have visibility and access to easily and accurately track the credentials of their workforce, including the ability to accurately identify potential early renewals and expiration dates.

Certemy is a leading primary source software verification platform, designed to improve the process of managing and tracking employees certifications and licenses. Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials reduces the stress of manually tracking all certifications and reduces the chances of making costly mistakes.

The automated license tracking system in Certemy ensures that all employees maintain the necessary certifications and qualifications for their profession. All employers must keep up with their hiring and licensing requirements in order to limit their liability and remain compliant with the latest regulations and requirements. With Certemy, HR teams and Compliance Leaders have complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance program.

Certemystreamlines the entire license process from start to finish by leveraging built-in workflows to make sure all applications are up to date. The Certemy platform also provides an online analytics dashboard, ensuring that employers have complete visibility into the performance of their compliance program. This comprehensive analytics dashboard allows employers to easily spot potential compliance risks and take preventative actions when needed.

When it comes to maintaining Master Electrician certifications, Certemy is the ultimate solution. With its comprehensive and automated system, employers have full visibility and total control over their in-house certifications and licenses, ensuring only qualified and competent personnel are part of the team. Certemy helps to mitigate risk and improve staff utilization, all while reducing the time spent manually tracking and managing certifications.


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