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It is essential that healthcare providers ensure their staff is correctly qualified and licensed; in hospitals, complications arising from improperly qualified personnel can be severe and costly. Certemy is a one-stop shop for license and certification compliance giving human resources departments a centralized system for tracking, strengthening, and managing their healthcare providers? credentials. Equipped with both mobile and desktop tools, Certemy is the ideal platform for keeping credentials organized, up to date, and correctly filed for each employee.

The need for license and certification verification has never been greater. Organizations are struggling to keep pace with changing mandates, chaotic licensing systems, and outdated technology. Certemys automated primary source verification system provides a fast and secure method for ensuring employee credentials are correct and up to date. With Certemy, administrators have real-time tracking of license status and verification of certification, reducing the risk of costly sanctions and disciplinary actions.

The solution makes staying ahead of regulatory compliance easy. Real-time tracking and information management enable organizations to swiftly identify discrepancies and ensure accurate data. In addition, Certemys pre-built workflows allow organizations to configure automated license and certification application processes, improving team productivity and saving valuable time. All workloads associated with compliance management are made simple with Certemy.

Certemy provides healthcare organizations with a comprehensive system for license and certification compliance. This allows physicians, mid-levels, allied health practitioners, and clinical nurse specialists to remain compliant and confident in their work. With automated primary source verification, integrated workflows, and real-time tracking available in one platform, Certemy helps organizations mitigate risk, boost staff utilization, and provide quality patient care.

Certemy is an agile software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that enables organizations to confidently manage and verify occupational licenses and certifications from clinicians and other providers across the medical field. The platform monitors license updates, alerting organizations when renewals are due or needs to be updated, enabling organizations to stay compliant with changing regulations and reducing staff workload. It also provides organizations with the ability to directly message personnel about renewing their license or certification.

Certemy is a powerful and efficient platform with many features and benefits. The automated primary source verification system saves organizations time and ensures compliance with ever-changing regulations. The intuitive interface, combined with mobile and desktop tools, offers organizations complete real-time control over license and certification tracking. Organizations can improve staff utilization, save time and money, and avoid unnecessary sanctions or disciplinary action.

For organizations looking to streamline the compliance management process, Certemy is the ideal platform. With the automated primary source verification system and intuitive interfaces, Certemy gives organizations control over personnel?s licenses and certifications; reducing stress, ensuring accuracy, and providing peace of mind.


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