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Healthcare organizations across the United States are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that their healthcare workers adhere to licensing regulations. These regulations are set in place to protect the health and welfare of the public, and are closely monitored by many state agencies. It is incumbent upon healthcare facilities to ensure that their professionals have been adequately screened, hold valid licensure, and that they are compliant with all applicable rules and regulations. To do so, organizations must take on the challenging task of manually screening healthcare professionals for valid licenses and certifications.

This task is best accomplished using automated license verification. Automated licensing verification provides organizations with the ability to conduct primary source verifications and confirm that healthcare professionals are qualified to practice safely and within the governing regulations. Further, automated license verification providers allow organizations to manage their staff operations in compliance with the essential regulatory and compliance requirements of providing care.

A comprehensive verification service like Certemy enables organizations to quickly and accurately function in compliance with licensure rules and regulations. This allows facilities to save time, reduce risk, and improve staff utilization. A single system of record provides organizations with real-time tracking of individual licenses and credentials to ensure regulatory and compliance continuity. Pre-built workflows offer configurable automation for the sometimes complicated process of license application and the verification process.

Verifying licenses and certifications is a mandatory practice for organizations seeking to ensure that their staff members are in compliance and that they meet existing regulations. Automated license verification systems, like those offered by Certemy, can help ensure that healthcare organizations are staying on top of their license compliance regulations, so they can focus on providing quality patient care.


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