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With a steady rise in the complexity of occupational requirements and regulations, businesses have had to adjust their operations to ensure they are up to date with the latest statutory guidelines. Companies need to stay two steps ahead of the current legislation and remain compliant, which is becoming increasingly challenging in the ever-shifting regulatory climate. To streamline and facilitate this process, businesses should consider leveraging a license verification system, such as Certemy.

What is a License Verification System?

A license verification system is an automated and comprehensive primary source verification tool. It is designed to quickly validate that employees hold up-to-date and valid occupational licenses and certifications across their profession, as well as discover any disciplinary action which has been taken against a license holder. By maintaining a rigorous and thorough system, organisations are able to minimize any potential risks surrounding compliance and stay in line with the current laws and regulations.

Benefits of a License Verification System

Organisations that are looking to leverage a license verification system stand to gain a variety of benefits. Such systems provide organisations with total visibility and competence across their entire workforce compliance programme. The system is also capable of automatically tracking and managing licenses and certifications with the additional primary source verification to provide an extra layer of assurance to the user.

The licence verification system is also designed to provide organisations with the tools to stay ahead of regulatory updates and requirements. At the same time, the system is capable of keeping track of employee licence and credentials in one single system of record, and pre-built workflows which are fully configurable. This makes the process of licence application a simpler and less time-consuming endeavour.

About Certemy

Certemy is one such example of a license verification system. It is widely used by a number of the largest employers in the US who have come to trust the system for its ability to save time, mitigate risks, and utilizes staff with efficiency.

With Certemy, organisations are able to gain real-time tracking of licenses and credentials that are stored securely in a single, centralised system. This system also provides them with improved productivity across the organisation with improved team collaboration and visibility. By streamlining the process of license applications and verification, organisations will be able to streamline their operations and ensure they remain compliant.


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