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For businesses in industries requiring active license and certification, compliance is paramount. Keeping track of employee credentials and verifying they are up-to-date and in good standing can be a daunting task. Fortunately, advances in technology are making this more manageable with automated license verification tools. With Certemy, you can gain control and visibility of your compliance program, reduce time spent verifying staff credentials, and mitigate risk with primary source verification.

Why License Verification is Important

License and certification validation are crucial for industries with active licensure requirements such as financial, legal, healthcare, manufacturing, and other business operations. In most of these cases, customers put their trust in the service provider to ensure their staff are performing under the legally required standards. Customers can be negatively impacted if valid licenses are not enforced, both in terms of safety as well as litigation risk.

Organizations must comply with licensing bodies? requirements in order to stay in business. Unfortunately, most organizations have limited oversight into individual license status, renewal dates, any changes to personal and business credentials, and compliance infractions. The regulatory environment is ever-changing and without proper tracking, these changes can be difficult to follow-through on. This lack of visibility of employee licenses and certifications can lead to compliance risks and costly business delays.

Optimizing Compliance with Automated License Verification

Certemy automates the license verification process and puts the control back into the hands of the business owners. Our primary source verification system creates a reliable record of all license and certification information, including renewal dates, changes to personal and business credentials, and potential disciplinary measures. Certemy then continuously tracks the status and automatically notifies you of any changes, keeping your organization compliant. This ensures that any potential certification, license, or credential violations are addressed in real-time.

The automated license verification process is fully automated, leveraging pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license application processes. This system also provides valuable insight into the workforce planning process enabling managers to better allocate resources and identify efficiencies. By taking the manual work out of the equation, your organization can save time, gain compliance, and improve staff utilization.

Trusted by Leading Employers

Certemy has quickly become one of the most reliable license verifications tools available, trusted by some of the largest US employers looking to reduce risk and save time. Our automated system of record gives you an accurate picture of all licenses and credentials in real-time. With Certemy, you gain visibility and control of your compliance program without the hassle of manual intervention.

Certemy combines technology, data, and compliance expertise to keep your business compliant and running smoothly. With our automated license verification tool, you can feel confident that your staff credentials and licenses are up to date and in good standing.


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