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In order to stay at the top of regulatory Compliance, organizations must have a system in place which enables them to check the validity of employee licenses and credentials. To do this effectively, organizations need a primary source Verification system to track and manage license and certifications accurately. Certemy is a leading License Verification service providing comprehensive and automated primary source verification solutions to manage a companies workforce compliance program. With their real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, It is never been easier for organizations to ensure their personnel are up-to-date with their licenses and credentials, eliminating the time-consuming and manual task of managing employee certifications and renewals.

Securing Better Compliance with Certemy

Certemystands out as a License Verification service in the human resource industry with integrating pre-built workflows and configurable automations for better compliance. With their license tracking, the company can be sure that their employees hold the credentials required to perform their job duties and remain compliant. Certemys services provides valuable insights on current license statuses, as well as renewals and alerts, so companies can better plan for future compliance needs.

Organizations have an obligation to look after the welfare of the people they employ, and this includes the up-to-date credentials and licenses for each employee. Certemys software enables organizations to increase their compliance efforts and stay ahead of regulations.

Advanced Wound Care Certified with Certemy

Organizations can leverage the power of Certemys automatic primary source verification to make sure that all the wound care professionals in their company have the correct and up-to-date Advanced Wound Care certification. Plus, Certemy has an automated tracking system that eliminates the need for manual tracking of certifications, leaving organizations with more time to focus on other more important business tasks.

Certemys software is not just geared towards checking current or renewing credentials. It can also be used to keep tabs on past qualifications such as prior board certifications or licensing, as well as any sanctions or warnings brought about by a lapse in verification. Companies can ensure they are compliant and secure with Certemys services.

Reducing Risk and Streamlining Verification with Certemy

Certemys services not only ensures compliance and fosters safety, but it also reduces risk for organizations. With Certemy, companies can mitigate risk by assessing a potential employees credentials prior to hire. This will give companies a better picture of potential applicants, so they can make informed decisions on the best candidate for the job.

Certemys services also streamline the verification process since their software is designed to automatically source and track data from dozens of sources. This makes it easier to stay on top of employee certifications without any manual data entry.

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance with Certemy

Organizations can trust Certemy to stay in line with regulatory compliance with their automated license tracking and primary source verification. With their state-of-the-art compliance management software, companies can easily track employee credentials and make sure to remain up-to-date with the latest certifications. Plus, Certemy has an integrated alert system that will notify employers when any of their certifications are up for renewal, ensuring business continuity and peace of mind for employers.

The Certemy platform is trusted by large US employers as well as small businesses for their compliance needs. Through its intuitive interface, real-time tracking, automated primary source verification, and auditing of employee licenses and credentials, Certemy ensures customers never miss out on renewals and regulations, while improving staff productivity and mitigating risk.


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