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Employee compliance programs have always been challenging to administer, especially at large organizations where there are literally thousands of employees that require various licenses and certifications to perform their services. Traditional methods of license tracking involve manual processes, which take time and resources away from other important tasks. This inefficiency and expense can often lead to non-compliance with regulations, which can result in costly fines and legal fees. To help businesses stay compliant and avoid these costly penalties, primary source verification using automated license tracking is proving to be an excellent resource.

Certemy is a leading provider of automated license and credential tracking that is designed to save time, mitigate risk, and improve workforce utilization. Using Certemys software, organizations can track and manage employee licenses and certifications with Primary Source Verification (PSV), providing an efficient, automated, and cost-effective process to keep up with changing regulations.

When it comes to active licenses and certifications, Certemy is the perfect choice for quickly verifying that they are current, valid, and free of any disciplinary actions. Organizations can also easily monitor expiration dates and keep track of employees? educational/professional milestones for automatic re-verification. Thanks to pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to help automate license applications, organizations have full control over their license tracking efforts.

Certemy is also very comprehensive and provides users with a single system of record that allows them to track not just new employee licenses and certifications but also keep track of existing ones across the entire organization. It also offers visibility and real-time tracking, so organizations can always be up-to-date on employee credentials and certifications. By using Certemys automated license tracking software, businesses can easily stay ahead of changing regulations and ensure that their employees? licenses and credentials are always current and valid.

Certemy has been trusted by some of the largest businesses in the US to help automate their compliance programs, save time, and leverage staff utilization. With Certemy, businesses can ensure that their employee credentials are always accurate and that their business is fully compliant with regulations.


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