License Verification Tool | Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification

With an ever-changing regulatory compliance landscape, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to stay up-to-date and compliant with state and federal regulations regarding their licensure and documentation requirements. Companies have traditionally relied on manual processes to verify that their employees have the right licenses and credentials for their position and company location. However, this manual process is not only inefficient and time-consuming, but it also leaves companies open to the risks of non-compliance and sanctions.

Certemy is the leader in license verification services that offer a more efficient, automated solution to verify and track employee licenses and credentials. Their software has been trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to help them stay ahead of compliance and maintain visibility into certification tracking.

By automating the license and certification process with Certemy, companies benefit from real-time visibility of employee information, improved organizational productivity, and decreased risk of non-compliance. Certemy applies a primary source verification system to validate employee licenses and certifications across all locations, confirming that the employee is currently free of sanctions or other disciplinary action and is possessing an active license appropriate to their role and position.

Certemys system also contains pre-built workflows that are tremendously configurable to design a workflow that fits your organizations needs. This helps with automating license application processes by instantly pushing notifications to the employee when licenses are due for renewal and automated prompts to the employer reminding them to verify the credentials of their employees.

Certemy is the perfect solution for companies who need to stay ahead of compliance and have an efficient system to manage the license and certifications of all their employees. The single system of record provides companies with complete visibility and control over their organizations compliance. This helps with improved team productivity, and most importantly, eliminates any possibility of non-compliance.


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