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Occupational licenses, certifications, and credentials are essential components of a professional program’s success. From healthcare institutions to Fortune 500 companies, the vast majority of organizations require employees to have a valid and updated set of credentials to ensure compliance with state laws and regulations and guarantee the best possible customer experience. Unfortunately, tracking, managing, and verifying these credentials manually can be an overwhelming task. In Todays environment, where organizations of all sizes are increasingly turning to technology for simplified processes and greater accuracy, the use of automated license verification systems has become more popular and better understood.

Certemy is a leader in license verification and boasts a comprehensive and automated online platform that can help your organization maintain compliance with regulatory and state requirements and better manage resources. Our proprietary primary source verification system helps ensure that all licenses and certifications stay up to date and remain legally compliant. This system also helps employers to uncover potential malicious behavior or disciplinary actions on the part of employees. With Certemy, you will have complete visibility and control of your business’s compliance program with real-time tracking of credentials across the entire organization.

Automated Check and Balance System

Certemys license verification system offers a unique check and balance system that creates an automated workflow from the first application to the final license issuance. This complete cycle allows businesses to properly vet and monitor their employees and ensure any changes to the original application are tracked and updated. Additionally, employers can take advantage of pre-built workflow templates that are fully configurable and designed to automate every step of the license application process.

With Certemy, information such as expiration and renewal dates are kept up-to-date, employees’ documents are captured and easily stored on the platform, and verifications are done on a regular basis. All of the necessary data is then aggregated into one system of record so you can maintain compliance and stay updated on any changes that could affect your workforce.

Making Compliance Easier

The greatest benefit of using Certemys license verification system is that it helps make compliance simpler and easier. Our primary source verification is built to meet the ever-changing and varied requirements of the industry, and with personalized workflow management tools allow businesses to develop customized operations for their unique needs. Automated processes and automatic alerts help simplify the process of staying in compliance while also improving overall team productivity and visibility.

Certemys innovative platform eliminates many of the challenges associated with manual processes, such as the risk of overlooking or filing documents incorrectly and the tedium of manually submitting and tracking information. Our reliable system reveals compliance discrepancies quickly and automatically verifies updates, giving you complete peace of mind that all documents are current and compliant.

Enhancing Staff Utilization

Organizations also benefit from Certemys license verification system because it gives them a heightened level of trust in their staff’s compliance. Knowing that credentials are checked and verified makes it easier for a business to forecast and better manage its staff utilization rates. Additionally, with data across multiple sources aggregated into a single system of record, businesses can better identify skill gaps and develop strategies for recruiting and retaining the best talent.

Certemy is a trusted platform and many of the largest employers in the US leverage our license verification system to improve their workforce compliance programs. With our automated primary source verification system, organizations can save time and eliminate the risk of falling out of regulatory compliance.


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