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The path to success for any organization relies heavily upon the dedication of its employees. This is especially true for healthcare and medical facilities, which need to ensure that they hire only the most qualified and experienced workers. In order to reduce the risk of liability and ensure the safety and quality of patient care, proper license verification for all specialized medical positions is necessary. One such professional typically found in these settings is a Certified Wound Specialist (CWS), an individual trained in wound management that is essential in maintaining quality patient care and mitigating medical risks. In order to maximize workforce compliance, employers can utilize an automated primary source verification system to validate the CWS licenses and certifications of their employees throughout the course of their employment.

Certified Wound Specialists are highly-skilled professionals that have extensive expertise in wound management practices and procedures. These medical professionals are responsible for providing comprehensive evaluations and treatments of wounds, assessing the material and functional needs of patients, determining the most efficacious treatments, and providing wound management education. These advanced skillset requirements mean that CWSs need to have a specialized set of credentials, such as degrees, certifications, and licenses, in order to ensure that only qualified workers are employed.

Given the importance of ensuring the competency of CWSs, employers in the healthcare and medical fields need comprehensive and efficient methods to verify the license status of their employees.Certemy has developed a leading software solution, designed to provide employers with the tools and visibility needed to track and monitor all licensed employees. By automating the primary source verification of CWS licenses, employers can quickly ensure compliance and reduce the risk of employing any unqualified professionals.

Certemys software offers a powerful suite of tools that includes a complete tracking system related to all employee license renewals and credentialing. Employers can easily keep up with the latest regulations and requirements associated with all CWS licenses. Furthermore, users can also leverage pre-built workflows, customized to streamline and simplify the process of document verification and application.

In addition to streamlining the process of license renewal, Certemy provides employers with an additional layer of transparency and auditability. By verifying licenses through primary sources, employers can deploy comprehensive real-time tracking of all employee credentials. For example, whenever a CWS attempts to apply for a new job, the system can quickly discover the status of all professional licensures and validate the current certification status of the individual. This enables employers to effectively organize and manage employee credentials in one central location.

Ultimately, Certemy provides a powerful set of tools that can help employers stay ahead of regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of liability by strictly following the regulations for the hiring of CWSs. By utilizing the software to manage the verification process, employers can quickly and easily ensure that all CWSs are appropriately qualified and save time when onboarding new employees.


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