License Verification Tool | Advanced Diabetes Management (specialty certification, retired exam)

As medical organizations and healthcare providers increasingly look for ways to guarantee the quality of patient care, credentialing and licensing requirements become more complex. An Advanced Diabetes Management (ADM) Specialty Certification proves that an individual has the necessary knowledge, skill set, and experience to provide safer and more effective care to those living with diabetes. But managing different levels of certification on a per-individual basis can be onerous.

For Compliance teams, the challenge is to stay on top of the credentialing and certification processes without eating into valuable resources or compromising quality of care. To meet this challenge, new tools, technologies, and processes are available to streamline compliance operations with automated Verification of license and certification status.

This article will explore how automated primary source verification tools, particularly License Verification from Certemy, help organizations meet the challenge of controlling employee compliance while saving time, optimizing resources, and improving staff utilization.

The Challenge with Specialty Certifications

Specialty certifications represent an important part of quality assurance protocols. Offerings like the ADM Specialty Certification are administered by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE) and other third-party organizations in order to ensure a certain level of professional competency.

The challenge for health care organizations is to ensure that all members of their staff meet the appropriate certification requirements. This can be especially tricky when new or updated specialized certifications are introduced, making it necessary to track and manage license and credential status continually across the entire workforce. For organizations looking to manage employee compliance in an efficient and effective way, including those who are governed by specific regulations, automated primary source verification tools provide the perfect solution.

The Benefits of Automated Primary Source Verification

License Verification from Certemy is a powerful automation tool designed specifically for compliance teams. It provides complete visibility and control of employee licensing and credentialing in an easy-to-use system of record.

Organizations will benefit from the insight into their workforce compliance program and also save time from having to manually check or call for license verification. Certemy is also trusted by some of the largest US employers, providing complete confidence in its secure and reliable operation.

Certemys real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials provides staff utilization data to inform decisions and reduce administrative burden. Pre-built workflows can then be used to automate license application processes, freeing up resources yet further.

Other advantages of using the Certemysystem include improved staff productivity and visibility, saving time on credentialing, and understanding the overall compliance picture more quickly and comprehensively.

A Universal Solution for All Risk Mitigation Needs

For healthcare providers and organizations managing employee certification and credentialing, the role of technology is changing how compliance is achieved and managed. The Licensing Verification tool from Certemy is a universal, scalable solution for managing the extensive certification and audit requirements of current, and any future, medical organizations, with a leading focus on diabetes management specialty certification.

Organizations that take advantage of Certemys automated primary source verification system can stay ahead of regulatory compliance and guarantee safe, effective care to all of their patients?all while freeing up exploration for new projects and areas of focus.


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