License Verification Tool | Electronic Fetal Monitoring

When it comes to ensuring employeesafety and the effectiveness of health systems, electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) plays a significant role. Electronic fetal monitoring is a technology that can be used to assess the health of a baby during labor. It provides medical personnel and families with valuable information about the baby’s heart rate, breathing, movements, and other vital signs, helping to identify potential medical issues and intervene accordingly. With the use of EFM, pregnancy, labor, and delivery become safer experiences.

However, using EFM technology comes with its own issues. For example, it can be expensive and labor intensive to install and maintain these systems. Additionally, ensuring that the systems and their users are compliant with local and national safety regulations is also crucial. This is where License Verification-enabled EFM solutions come in.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification, providing an automated primary source verification system that is designed to validate occupational licenses and certifications for healthcare personnel across the United States. With Certemys license verification system, organizations can ensure they learn any new regulations and stay up to date with the latest safety procedures. Furthermore, it can alert organizations to any changes in a personnel’s licensing status so they can adjust their EFM system accordingly.

Certemys license verification system also offers organizations complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance program. Using the system, organizations can track and manage employee licenses and certifications in real-time, across the entire organization. The system also includes pre-built workflows that are configurable to automate certificate application processes. In addition, Certemy offers unparalleled customer service, allowing their team to assist with the setup process of the system.

Overall, using Certemys License Verification-enabled EFM solutions gives organizations a comprehensive way to ensure that their workforce is compliant and their systems are up to date. Organizations can use the software to receive automated license tracking updates that can prevent healthcare errors and ensure patient safety. With Certemys system in place, organizations can have peace of mind that their EFM systems are running smoothly and that their personnel are current on the latest regulations.


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