License Verification Tool | HVAC Contractor

With an ever increasing requirement for companies to ensure that each of their employees are correctly licensed and certified for the work they do, It is becoming critical that these organizations have an efficient and effective process in place for verifying the credentials of both current and potential employees, contractors and other personnel. In the case of the HVAC contractor, there?s an ever-expanding list of licenses and certifications that must be kept up to date and regularly monitored.

This is why Certemy has developed an automated primary source verification system that confirms the current status of occupational licenses and certifications. This system is designed to give organizations complete visibility and control of their compliance programs. With Certemy in place, companies can easily and quickly track and manage employee licenses and certifications, as well as stay ahead of compliance regulations.

Certemy also understands that companies large and small have limited resources and need to maximize staff utilization. To this end, the system makes the whole process of license tracking and primary source verification less time consuming and simpler to manage. All employee license and credential data is kept in one system of record, giving up-to-the-minute accuracy and real-time data. This helps companies make the most efficient use of their staff by automating processes which traditionally took up a lot of time.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers in the US to deliver timesaving solutions and improve the HR efficiency of their organizations. The system was designed with businesses of all sizes in mind and allows pre-built workflows which are exactly what companies need to stay compliant. All workflows are highly configurable and can be tailored to exactly the requirements of each organization. The end result is that any HVAC contractor using the system can rest assured that their employees are correctly licensed and certified for the work they do.


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