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The importance of occupational licenses for employment cannot be overstated. This becomes particularly important for organizations that employ serious professionals, whether in healthcare, engineering, or other highly regulated industries. Professional licenses ensure the highest possible safety, quality, and assurance in the performance of an employees job.

Having a license means that an individual has met the minimum qualifications to practice in that field. Employers must ensure that all of their employees have the proper licenses related to their job, but also need to maintain continuous monitoring to account for expiring licenses, revocations, and other changes in license statues that can affect the job function in a serious way.

This is where technologies such as Certemy come into play. Certemy is an automated primary source license Verification system that provides organizations with the ability to easily and quickly validate occupational licenses and certifications across their entire workforce. It allows organizations to mitigate any risk and ensure that their employees are actively licensed and free from any disciplinary actions or sanctions.

Ease of Compliance Tracking and Management

Certemy offers employers comprehensive visibility and control of their compliance program. This means that all licenses and certifications can be tracked and managed automatically, reducing time and effort. Organizations also benefit from having up-to-date and reliable information on all of their employees in one effective system of record. This leads to a greater level of organization and data accuracy, which is essential for compliance with any regulations.

Streamlining the Application and Renewal Process

In addition to providing reliable license verification, Certemy also allows employers to streamline the process of applying and renewing licenses. By leveraging pre-built workflows that are easily configurable, employers can save a substantial amount of time and effort throughout the application process. This makes it easy to maintain ongoing compliance across an organization.

Certemy also allows employers to gain real-time visibility of their employee licenses and credentials in one convenient location. This helps to drastically improve team productivity and visibility throughout the organization. Access to this type of information allows managers to make data-driven decisions and enables human resource departments to optimize their labor force utilization.

Forging Ahead of Regulatory Compliance

With a dynamic platform like Certemy, organizations can forge ahead of any regulatory compliance. The automatic license tracking and primary source verification provides an easy way to stay on top of regulatory issues and ensure all licenses are up-to-date and valid.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers in the U.S. to improve their compliance efficiency significantly. It provides organizations with a powerful tool to make sure that their workforce is properly licensed and certified in a timely and reliable manner.


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