License Verification Tool | Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification

Ensuring your health care team is in compliance with certification and licensing requirements can create a major operational challenge. Medical-surgical nursing certification requires a level of monitoring and day-to-day management related to efficient staff utilization. Employers of nurses need to ensure that their staff are kept up-to-date with all the necessary certifications and that the certifications remain in good standing. Otherwise, penalties and disciplinary actions can cause a great loss in resources.

Today, license and certification verification technology changes the way professionals and organizations monitor, store, and keep track of employee credentials. Automation allows you to have complete visibility and control over your staff’s compliance. Real-time tracking of employees’ information ensures that your organization remains organized and properly managed. License and certification tracking solutions provide the essential foundation to not only staying in compliance, but also helps to build a stronger and more efficient organization.

Benefits of Automated License Tracking

Organizations of any size should benefit from automated license tracking. The advantages are numerous, starting with the ability to confirm each employees initial credentials and check for updates and changes during the employees tenure. Most importantly, the organization can proactively take action when a category or license status needs to be renewed or if an employee is placed on a disciplinary or sanction action. Here are some of the main benefits of automated license tracking for medical-surgical nurses:

Gain complete transparency and automated updates across your organization.

Save time with pre-built workflows that are simple to configure and automate the license application process.

Easily manage and track your employees? certifications and licenses in a single system of record.

Improve staff utilization and strengthen your organizations regulatory compliance.

Mitigate risk and increase safety with go-to resources for necessary license verifications.

Choose a License Verification Tool That Suits Your Needs

With so many license verification resources at your disposal, It is important to choose one that is reliable and fits your needs. Certemy is one of the leading software solutions for verifying and maintaining certifications for medical-surgical nurses. Employers are provided with an automated primary source verification system to manage and confirm occupational licenses and certifications across your staff.

Designed with one of the most secure backend infrastructures, Certemy has been trusted by some of the greatest U.S. employers. The software is designed to save time, eliminate risk, and improve staff utilization. Moreover, employees can take advantage of the free app to store credentials, track progress for continuing education credits, and apply for new credentials.

The Verification Process is Simple and Easy-to-Use

Organizations using the Certemy platform have their license verification processes automated. The verification process is designed to be straightforward and simple, as medical-surgical nursing certification credentials can be easily stored and tracked across the organization. The platform ensures user-friendliness and fast loading.

The back end of the platformfeatures intuitive bulk uploads, muscle memory scanning, comprehensive EDI data extraction, digital signature-secured data transfer, and automated renewal processes. The front end of the platform provides automated license tracking, renewal alerts, and custom reporting based on organizational needs.

Keep Your Team Up-to-Date With the Latest Certification Requirements

Keeping your team compliant with their certifications is a task that requires constant and continuous effort. Automated license tracking and primary source verification services provides organizations with an efficient way to make sure everyone on the team is up-to-date and in compliance. A reliable license tracking and management system handles all the pre-application and application process workflow steps as well as post-application tracking.

Certemy provides organizations with the most efficient and user-friendly way of verifying and maintaining certifications for medical-surgical nurses. Organizations are provided with complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance program. Automated license tracking, primary source verification, real-time tracking of employee licenses, and pre-built workflows make an essential foundation to maintain your business in compliance.

Save Time and Money With Automated License Tracking

Organizations of any size can benefit from an automated license management system to maintain their nursing staff in compliance. The automated processes available with Certemy allow organizations to stay in compliance and save a lot of time and resources. Pre-built workflows provide an easy-to-configure way for step-by-step license application processes, while real-time tracking of employees’ credentials offers complete transparency of organizational compliance.

Automated license tracking reduces the costs related to tracking and maintaining medical-surgical nursing certifications and helps organizations to ensure that their employees maintain and renew their necessary certifications on time. By using the comprehensive license tracking and management solution provided by Certemy, organizations can improve staff utilization and better manage their compliance programs.


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