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Maintaining a compliant and productive workforce can be a challenge for HR professionals, who must ensure that all their employees are in good standing and eligible to carry out their duties. Regulatory requirements for certain positions put a heightened responsibility on organizations to constantly track and update professional licenses. Allowing a lapse can lead to serious legal and financial costs, and manual tracking is often inefficient and labor-intensive. The emergence of automated license verification through primary source checking has created an efficient and secure alternative for businesses to manage their workforce credentials.

The need for license and certification verification is dictated by industry-specific regulations. In the healthcare industry, for instance, healthcare practitioners need to possess specific credentials in order to provide services in a number of states. Additionally, the risks associated with a lapsed license are significant, leading to hefty penalties and sometimes even criminal charges. Other industries have comparably stringent standards, requiring license certifications and renewals to ensure the safety of the public. Primary source verification is the only way to guarantee that the qualifications for any given position are up-to-date and compliant.

Many HR teams struggle to keep accuracy up when relying on outdated manual methods to track license renewals. The tedious nature of verifying each credential can easily create errors in the system that could be extremely costly to correct. Automated license verification via primary source checks, however, greatly reduces this burden, providing HR teams with a centralized dashboard of all employee credentials in real-time. Human resources can be freed up to focus on other more productive activities.

Automated primary source verification is also extremely helpful for implementing workflows for organization-wide processes. With the right system in place, when an employee comes in for their yearly review, their credentials can be verified as up-to-date and their paperwork can be submitted in a more timely fashion. Automation also reduces the chance of errors, both on the employees part and on the organizations part. Automated settings can also be used to notify managers, staff, or administrators when a certain license is due to expire, or when an employee requires regular credential or license renewals.

One of the main advantages of using an automated, up-to-date license verification system is that organizations can receive timely feedback on their compliance status, without having to manually comb through countless individual license records. This provides management with the insights they need to identify workflow bottlenecks or any gaps in their license compliance program.

At Certemy, we offer a fast and secure automated primary source verification system that makes it easy for HR teams to manage and track their workforce credentials. Our solution is trusted by some of the largest employers in the US, offering all the benefits of automated license tracking and primary source verification. With our system, you can get real-time tracking of employee license and credential statuses, automate processes with pre-built workflows, improve team productivity and visibility, and gain complete control of compliance management procedures.


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