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Human Resources departments face an ever-growing amount of compliance regulations that govern the licenses, certifications, and qualifications of their staff. To ensure compliance with the myriad of licensing and regulatory requirements, it is essential for employers to maintain accurate records of their staff?s professional credentials.

In the past, manual processes for license verification were used to validate employees’ credentials, leading to lengthy delays that could put a burden on the efficiency of an organization. Aware of the challenges posed by manual checking, many HR departments have sought to streamline their verification processes through the introduction of automated license verification solutions.

Certemy, a leader in license verification, offers an automated primary source verification system designed to validate occupational licenses and certifications across an organizations staff. This comprehensive system makes it easier than ever before to stay ahead of regulatory compliance with automated license tracking and primary source verification.

With Certemy, HR departments, gain complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance programs. The automated system quickly verifies and stores employee credentials in one system of record, eliminating manual tracking of license and certifications. Streamlining the process of verifying credentials, Certemy can provide HR teams with a key advantage in terms of operational efficiencies.

Unparalleled Control with Real-time Tracking

Certemy provides organizations with unparalleled control and visibility of their workforce compliance program. The centralized system enables users to view and validate all credentials for their staff in real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their teams status.

The system also assists with tracking and managing licenses and certifications, as it notifies the HR team of any changes in the status of employee licenses. Automated triggers and notifications allow the HR team to be notified when a license is due for renewal, accurately gauging the operational health of the team at any given moment.

Overall, the implementation of Certemy can lead to major efficiencies and productivity among a teams HR operations, as well as help mitigate any risks associated with non-compliance.

Fully Configurable to Automate License Application

Certemys technology eases the process of application collection, thanks to its fully configurable workflows that enable HR to easily keep track of customer applications and any other documents required for specific license?s renewal across an organization.

For example, Certemys automated workflows can give a detailed overview of the documents needed for a specific license renewal, ensuring that all tasks are accounted for and completed in a timely manner.

In addition, workflows can even be created according to each customer’s preferences, making the process of managing licenses more efficient and tailored to an individual?s needs. This makes for an even more efficient operation, saving the time and resources needed to check and track customer credentials.

The Future of Automated License Verification

With Certemy, HR teams can focus on staying ahead of regulatory compliance and on the daily operations of their organization. Automated license verification solutions such as Certemy can provide a single system of record for an organization, ultimately leading to a better-managed workforce.

At Certemy, we strive to provide HR teams with the highest quality of license verification service, enabling a secure, easy, and efficient way to keep employee records up-to-date and ahead of regulatory compliance standards. With our automated primary source verification system, HR teams can confidently rely on Certemy to ensure an organizations compliance needs are met.


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