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Certified professional licenses provide regulatory Compliance and represent a critical credential for companies in the United States. Furthermore, due to the increasingly complex and dynamic nature of many industries, such as healthcare and finance, license Verification can be a time consuming and labor-intensive process for HR departments. Fortunately, tools like Certemy are now available to provide organizations with convenient means to quickly verify their employees’ licenses with primary source verification.

Certemy has been designed to assist HR departments with meeting the demands of an ever-changing landscape of regulatory compliance and the assurance of accurately documented staff credentials. The fast and automated license verification process of Certemy enables HR teams to efficiently obtain, track, and manage employee licenses and license renewals with primary source verification. This ensures organizations remain compliant with regulatory standards and eliminates the need for labor-intensive manual verification processes.

Certemy also offers a complete and comprehensive system of record to track all employee licenses and certifications in real time. This system provides visibility and full control to ensure companies have the most up-to-date and accurate compliance information. In addition, the system is pre-built and customizable, providing users with the ability to configure and automate license application processes that allows HR teams to quickly address and manage any discrepancies.

In addition, Certemy is already trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to save time and costs by significantly reducing the administrative burden associated with employee license verification. The Certemysystem is a secure, web-based platform that offers an automated notification system for managing license renewal tasks, easily integrates with state licensing agencies, and ensures companies are fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

Moreover, users of Certemy are able to stay ahead of potential issues with licensing and credentialing with features such as scheduled renewal notifications, automated tracking of license status changes, and the ability to quickly address any potential discrepancies. This means HR teams and compliance leads have peace of mind in the accuracy and regulation of their staff credentials and licenses.

In many industries, professional licenses are becoming increasingly important for organizations to remain competitive and compliant with regulations. Certemy has consistently shown itself to be an invaluable tool for companies to verify their employees’ licenses with primary source verification and improve their operational efficiency.


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