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Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) face an increasing regulatory burden when it comes to maintaining a valid nursing license so they can practice their profession properly. In the US, Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) allows nursing professionals to hold a single license with the capability of practicing in multiple states across the US as long as the employer, LVN, and state boards are all in Compliance. Further, the shift towards standardized national licensing has made it easier for LVN to work in more than one state or work as contractors in states outside their original licensing jurisdiction.

In order to ensure compliance, nurse licensing boards have enacted regulations requiring employers and healthcare systems to check licenses of their LVN personnel on a regular basis. This includes periodic primary source Verification of each LVN license as well as renewal of these documents before they expire.

Certemy, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled solutions provider for license and credential verification, is a leading provider of primary source verification solutions for LVNs. By utilizing its advanced verification technologies, Certemy offers complete visibility and control over licensure compliance for LVN personnel. The companies patented AI-driven verification process automates the process of checking the status of an LVN’s license in every state they practice in, with a single search.

Certemysimplifies the license verification process, ensuring that nurse licensure boards, employers, and healthcare systems are in compliance with state laws. The solution also offers analytics and reporting capabilities to help healthcare organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance. For example, their system tracks and monitors employee licenses and credentials in a single database with automated expiration notifications to keep the LVN’s license current. Additionally, the system provides real-time visibility into license changes and renewals.

Another major benefit of Certemys licensed vocational nurse compliance module includes the ability for employers to track and verify the credentials of contractors from the convenience of the employer’s office. With real-time state-by-state verification, finalizing contracts with contractors can be done quickly and with minimal hassle. This helps employers save time and money while ensuring that their LVN personnel are practicing safely and in a compliant manner.

Certemys license verification system also offers the ability to configure automated workflows to speed up license application processes. This provides healthcare organizations with a faster and easier way to process and approve credentials for each LVN who works in their systems. With this automation, healthcare organizations no longer need to manually verify a license’s status and can instead rely on Certemys primary source verification technology to ensure that all LVN personnel are working in a compliant manner.

By utilizing Certemys licensed vocational nurse compliance solutions, healthcare organizations can rest assured that their LVN personnel are in compliance with state licensing boards and are working with properly validated credentials. Certemys primary source verification technology provides a comprehensive view of LVN compliance in an efficient and automated manner. This helps organizations save time and money while mitigating risk and maintaining compliance with relevant regulations.


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