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The healthcare industry is an ever-growing and changing field that requires strict regulatory guidelines and close monitoring of staff credentials in order to ensure patient safety. For healthcare facilities that have highly specialized professionals providing surgical services, such as anesthesiologists and surgical technologists, the challenge of overseeing staff certifications and keeping track of employee credentials becomes even greater. As such, the Certified Surgical Services Manager (CSSM) certification has been developed to meet the demands of these specialized and vitally important hospital personnel.

CSSM is a comprehensive certification that provides employers with both the knowledge and the tools necessary to verify their employees? credentials and maintain high standards of quality assurance and patient safety. The certification requires rigorous training and testing in areas such as risk management, quality assessment, staff development, laws and regulations, and customer service. It also requires extensive knowledge about the field of surgical services and how to best support staff in performing quality work.

In addition to providing employees with the training and credentials necessary to practice in the healthcare field, CSSM offers employers an easy-to-use license verification system through its Certemy platform. This online platform automatically performs primary source verification on all active licenses and certifications to ensure that they are valid and renewed in accordance with state and federal regulations. Automating the license verification process not only saves employers time and money, but it also serves as a layer of protection against costly and time-consuming sanctions or disciplinary actions that may otherwise be incurred when employing personnel that are not properly certified.

With Certemys real-time tracking system, employers gain complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance program. Further, employers have access to pre-built workflows that are fully configurable and designed to automate the entire license application process. This makes It isimpler for employers to stay on top of all their personnel needs and to remain compliant in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

The Certified Surgical Services Manager certification is the ideal choice for healthcare employers wanting to provide staff with the highest level of training and certified credentials while also promoting a safe, secure, and efficient environment for patient care. By taking advantage of Certemys license verification system, healthcare employers can ensure that their workforce is always properly trained and certified, allowing them to maximize staffing efficiency and patient safety.


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