Telehealth Compliance

Telehealth companies are increasingly leveraging technology to diversify and enhance their product offerings. Credentialing management solutions can provide an invaluable boost to the organization’s operational efficiency, as well as increase patient satisfaction by streamlining onboarding processes for health-care providers.

The process of credentialing, or verification of a healthcare practitioner’s qualification and history, is administrative-intensive and highly regulated. Additionally, the credentialing process typically requires several activities to be completed in a specific order, including verifying licenses of practitioners, confirming advanced degrees, certifications, and training. The result is a highly-sensitive and time-consuming process whose complexity can overwhelm the managerial capabilities from internal staff.

In order to mitigate the profuse demands associated with the credentialing process, telehealth industry decision-makers would be wise to consider implementing credentialing management software. This type of solution is scalable, secure, and designed to improve the overall efficiency of the onboarding process, particularly for larger healthcare organizations.

A credentialing management solution can streamline the credentialing process by three key aspects. Firstly, it simplifies the task of securely collecting data from practitioner applicants. By collecting a range of data using a secure web portal and employing advanced encryption technologies, such as OAuth2 website authentication, the risk of data theft is eliminated. Secondly, the solution provides automated alerts to ensure regulatory deadlines regarding expirations and renewals are not missed. Lastly, once fully credentialed, a provider can be automatically connected to the telehealth organization’s payment system, further increasing the overall efficiency of the credentialing process.

Investing resources into credentialing management solutions can also lead to greater satisfaction with the telehealth organization’s providers. Straare’s consumer feedback mechanism ensures providers are kept informed and satisfied with the onboarding process, thus reducing the amount of time spent on correspondence and inquiries.

The telehealth industry is rapidly evolving, and those who lead the way in leveraging technological advancements are the ones who are likely to see the greatest rewards. By implementing a credentialing management solution, telehealth industry decision-makers can dramatically reduce the demands of the credentialing process, and benefit from increased operational efficiency and provider satisfaction.