HR Compliance Software

In the state of Michigan there are currently over 4610 Occupational Therapists. License verification is one of the most significant regulatory and general compliance hurdles for employers.

As a field that requires a high level of regulation and compliance, occupational therapists need the right license verification software to ensure they are meeting the standards set forth by the government. With the ever-evolving landscape of regulations, it can be tricky to stay on top of the latest requirements and be sure that everyone in the field is up to date. Enter Certemy, the leading license verification software for occupational therapy.

Certemy provides a comprehensive and automated license tracking and primary source verification solution for occupational therapy. Employers can effortlessly track and manage employee licenses, permits, registrations, and certifications and stay ahead of regulatory compliance. For those with larger staff, this can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Not so with Certemy.

The platform provides complete visibility and control of workforce compliance programs, helping to automate application processes and create a system of record for all compliance data. It is also user-friendly and has been praised by customers who have seen improved operational efficiencies, saved time and resources, as well as increased revenue.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US employers, and is the ideal solution for employers to manage and track their employees licenses and stay compliant. With Certemy, employers can automate license tracking and management, license verification, compliance management, and HRIS compliance. This includes tracking deadlines, requiring verifications and documents, and ensuring that all the necessary forms are completed and up to date.

Certemy makes it easier than ever to ensure compliance standards are met and that all relevant information is kept up to date. With its automated tracking and primary source verification, employers can manage their staff more efficiently and have complete confidence that their workers meet the necessary licensing requirements. Certemy is the perfect solution for occupational therapists and the employers who hire them.

The steps involved in obtaining an Occupational Therapist license may vary depending on the state, but generally include the following:

Education: Complete a master’s or doctoral degree in occupational therapy from an accredited institution, which typically takes 2-3 years.

Fieldwork: Complete supervised fieldwork requirements, which vary by state but usually require 24-48 weeks of clinical experience.

Examination: Pass the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) exam, which is required by most states for licensure.

Background Check: Pass a criminal background check and provide evidence of good standing in the profession.

Application: Complete and submit an application for licensure to the relevant state licensing board. This may require providing transcripts, proof of education, passing the NBCOT exam, and paying an application fee.

Continuing Education: Maintain continuing education requirements as specified by the state licensing board to maintain licensure.

Note that the specific requirements for licensure may vary by state, and some states may have additional requirements, such as state-specific exams or additional training. It is important to research the specific requirements in your state before pursuing an Occupational Therapist license.