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For businesses to remain compliant, proper licensing for all employees is not only a requirement, but also a critical risk management strategy. Human Resources departments have to stay up to date and aware of the applicable license requirements for each employee while also monitoring any changes or pending expirations. To ensure business continuity, this process must be conducted regularly and accurately.

Certemys automated license Verification technology offers organizations a safe and secure solution for verifying employee licenses and other qualifications. This powerful tool continually monitors and validates a workforce?s credentials in real-time and eliminates the risk of non-Compliance related fines.

What is Automated License Verification?

Automated license verification is a technology solution for HR professionals to securely check the status of an employees license in real-time. It does this by validating the license directly with the issuing agency at the time of verification. It also alerts HR when a license is due for renewal, eliminating compliance-related fines and potential reputational damage.

Certemys automated license verification system is ideal for organizations wanting to protect their reputation and their bottom line. Companies can save time and money by automating the entire process of verifying employee credentials. This eliminates the need to manually track licenses by conducting periodic reviews. Automated license verification also helps organizations maintain accurate records and stay on top of any changes in license or certification status.

Benefits of Automated License Verification

The benefits of automated license verification include:

Real-time updates of an employees license or certification status

Abilities to automatically detect any changes in licenses or certifications

Improved compliance with applicable professional regulations

Reduced risk of liability due to non-compliance fines

Reduced workloads which would otherwise require manual inputs

Increased accuracy and reduced manual errors

Secure and privacy-compliant protection of employee data

In the end

Organizations have a responsibility to ensure that their employees possess the correct licenses and qualifications. While tedious and time consuming, automating this process can help HR departments take a proactive approach towards compliance regulations and risk management. By leveraging the power of Certemys automated license verification, organizations can minimize potential compliance issues, manage potential liabilities, and protect their bottom line.


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