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Compliance with licensing and professional certifications is a major concern for employers today, and the ever-increasing costs and complexity of tracking and renewing certifications has become an increasingly difficult burden to bear. Manually tracking license and certification status for each employee is time consuming and costly, and with an ever-shifting regulatory landscape, the risks associated with non-compliance can be severe. To stay ahead of the compliance curve, organizations must turn to automated license Verification to quickly and easily ensure their employees are always up-to-date and in compliance.

Certemy is a leader in license verification, offering an automated primary source verification system that validates licensure and certification for thousands of organizations. Their comprehensive solution offers organizations a suite of services that simplify and streamline the license and certification management process. Using Certemy, organizations can meet compliance standards, simplify workflows, and increase staff utilization while reducing the risk of non-compliance and suspension of operations.

The cornerstone of Certemys platform is its robust primary source verification tools, which enable organizations to check and track the licensure and certification of their employees in near-real-time. All license checks are performed and updated by consulting the primary source or official governmental agency or board for each organization. This ensures accuracy and eliminates the risk of manual errors or missed deadlines. Certemy also offers automated notifications that alert organizations of impending license renewals and provide guidance on how to comply quickly and with minimal disruption.

By leveraging Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification, organizations are able to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and ensure their staff is appropriately licensed and certified for the job they are performing. With Certemy, organizations are able to track and manage licenses and certifications in one system of record, reducing the risk of missed deadlines or incorrect licensure associated with manual processes. Furthermore, Certemys pre-built workflows are fully configurable and can be used to quickly and easily deploy license applications to employees, saving valuable resources.

For organizations looking to mitigate the risks associated with occupational license and certification compliance, Certemy offers a robust solution that automates the process while ensuring accurate, up-to-date information about employee licensure is easily available and tracked. With near-real-time primary source verification, automated notifications, and configurable workflows, Certemy can help organizations streamline the licensing process and ensure compliance throughout their entire workforce.


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