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With the rapid increase in technology and the accelerated pace of health care delivery, adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioners (AG-ACNP) are beginning to play a greater role in high-impact clinical care settings. To ensure Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards, employers must take the necessary steps to verify AG-ACNP licenses. The traditional methods of license Verification can be time consuming and costly, leaving employers with limited resources to meet the demands of an increasingly complex regulatory environment. But there is a better way.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification (PSV) is a key component of a comprehensive license verification process. It is an automated process used to measure the credentialing accuracy and compliance of a healthcare provider. This process involves obtaining license and credential information from the regulatory authority or bodies that issued the license. By verifying a provider?s credentials from the original source, organizations can reduce the risks associated with inaccurate information. This allows employers to place greater emphasis on recruitment and hiring decisions, rather than wasting resources on manual verification efforts.

What is an Automated License Verification System?

An automated license verification system can streamline the process of verifying AG-ACNP licenses. These systems provide a secure and reliable method for organizations to ensure their workforce is appropriately licensed. Automated systems leverage modern technology to facilitate timely and accurate PSV and help employers accurately track license expiration dates. This enables organizations to quickly identify any discrepancies or changes in license status and take action.

How Can an Automated License Verification System Benefit Employers?

An automated license verification system can help employers save time, money, and reduce risk. By automating the verification process, employers can reduce the administrative burden on their staff and free up their time to focus on more complex tasks. Automated systems can also help the organization maintain compliance with state and federal laws and standards. Additionally, automated license verification systems enable organizations to identify license expiration dates quickly and ensure that all providers are appropriately licensed. This helps organizations maintain a compliant workforce and mitigate the risk associated with the negligent hiring and retention of providers who are not appropriately licensed.

What to Look for When Choosing an Automated License Verification System

Organizations should select an automated license verification system that meets their specific needs. The system should provide automatic primary source verification for licenses and credentials and offer a comprehensive tracking system for employee licenses and certifications. Employers should also look for systems with pre-built workflows that are fully customizable. This will enable organizations to automate the license application process and streamline their compliance efforts.

To summarize

Navigating the complexities of an AG-ACNP license verification process requires organizations to consider a variety of factors. By leveraging modern technology and automated license verification systems, employers can free up their resources, identify discrepancies quickly, and ensure their workforce is appropriately licensed. Organizations should select an automated system that meets their specific needs and provides a comprehensive tracking system for their license and credential information.


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