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Just a few years ago, the lack of a reliable and secure reference checking process used to be a challenge in the Human Resource (HR) operations process. It then became important to integrate the HR operations process with a license verification procedure which could provide absolute assurance about the employment history and credentials, of a particular employee. This process was necessary to guarantee the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) compliance, maintain regulatory standards, and also ensure safety and security of the entire organization.

Organizations looking for a comprehensive license verification solution found Certemy. A leader in License Verification, Certemys automated primary source verification system validates occupational licenses and certifications, basically confirming that an employee is free of any disciplinary actions or sanctions. This system provides organizations with complete visibility, thereby allowing them to control their workforce compliance program. This real-time tracking effectively comes as a huge benefit, given the fact that manual verifications are often long and tedious.

Organizations using Certemy not only save time, but can also rest assured that the licenses and certifications are appropriately renewed and active. The efficacy of the Certemysystem lies in its ability to leverage pre-built workflows, ensuring a high level of convenience and accuracy. This also helps to automate the license application processes in a much quicker way, thereby improving teams? productivity and the organizations visibility.

The Certemy license verification system has been trusted by some of the largest US employers, and it is the most reliable solution when it comes to verifying and tracking employee licenses and credentials. It offers the highest standard of security for the customer?s data and records. It also offers real-time identity verification and background checks, giving organizations the assurance that their employee data is safe and secure.

By eliminating manual verification from the HR operations process, Certemy makes it easier and faster to check the license and credentials of an employee, while also ensuring accuracy and trust. Organizations can get timely insights into their employee licenses, ensuring the regular renewal and renewal process is up-to-date. By using Certemys comprehensive license verification system, organizations can establish a safe and secure infrastructure for their workforce, and gain full flexibility and control over their work processes.


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