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With the fast-paced evolution of healthcare and medical technology, stable medical professionals certified to provide neonatal pediatric transport services are increasingly in demand. The high demand for specialized medical care leads to a greater need for employers to be aware of their employees’ qualifications and certifications. Primary source Verification (PSV) gives recruiters and employers the assurance that applicants are fully qualified for the position they are applying for and can help to ensure that the applicant is legally allowed to practice medicine or provide transport services.

Primary source verification is a method of confirming that an applicant’s credentials are valid, up to date, and without sanction or discipline from the entity that granted the credentials. PSV is a process in which employers directly contact the agencies or organizations that issued the credentials to confirm their validity. This type of verification is considered the most reliable and comprehensive way to confirm qualifications and certifications.

The PSV process for neonatal pediatric transport certification begins with the employer verifying the applicant’s certification status through the appropriate agency or organizations. The agencies are responsible for granting certifications for neonatal and pediatric transport services and must be contacted directly to verify the applicant’s qualifications. This process can typically be done through either an online application or by phone. The online application will generate a report detailing the applicant’s qualifications and any applicable disciplinary actions from those granting the certification. The report must then be reviewed for accuracy and to confirm that the credentials are valid and are without any form of disciplinary actions.

The PSV process can also involve the employer contacting the agencies or organizations directly, which can be done through email or phone. This method gives employers the opportunity to ask more questions and get a better understanding of the credentials and the certifying body. When contacting the agencies, employers should prepare questions in advance to ensure that all relevant information is gathered. Employers should also be prepared to provide the agency with the applicant’s name, date of birth, and any certification or licensing information.

When employers utilize the PSV process to verify a candidate’s neonatal pediatric certification, employers can be sure that they are getting qualified personnel to provide this service to their patients. PSV helps to ensure that the employer is aware of any disciplinary or legal matters that may affect the applicant’s eligibility for certification. Additionally, PSV ensures that only the best and most qualified individuals are employed by the employer, thereby protecting the patient from possible harm.

Primary source verification has become increasingly important in the medical field, especially for those involved in neonatal and pediatric transport services. It gives employers the assurance that their employees have the appropriate qualifications and are in good standing with the certifying organizations. This helps to protect the organization from potential liability and provides employers with peace of mind.


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