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As healthcare organizations face up to the challenge of managing multiple regulatory Certifications, and State or Federal Licensing requirements, Certemy can provide an enterprise-grade primary source verification tool. Leveraging robust compliance experience across a range of prestigious companies, Certemy ensures an individual?s credentials are correctly and officially verified before granting access to staff members, credentialing bodies, or even employees themselves.

Certemy can provide an efficient and verifiable primary source system to ensure your healthcare organization meets all necessary certification or licensing requirements. An automated solution ensures the highest levels of accuracy and timely renewal. Indeed, certifying employees in line with applicable guidelines can become a cumbersome burden and Certemy alleviates this burden significantly.

Stay Ahead of Compliance Challenges

Not only can Certemy provide a license verification solution to meet legal compliance, but the platform offers an automated monitoring of existing certifications. It also operates as a tool that can alert on impending expiration of licenses or certifications. This approach can then be leveraged to notify the relevant individual and stay ahead of the requirement to renew credentials, mitigating risk and ensuring your healthcare organizationstays ahead of the curve.

Improved Visibility and Control

Certemy provides an improved dataset on active licenses and certifications which can be used in various departments in the healthcare organization. Using this system of record can alleviate the need to manually and continually review the licenses and credentials of employees, resulting in a time-saving approach and assisting team productivity to remain high.

This data can also be easily integrated into Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) or Certification Management Systems (CMS), providing strong and secure workflow processes.

Fully Configurable Pre-Built Workflows

The platform provides an intuitive and dynamic policy-builder for license regulations. Administrators can then create and manage such policies, whilst leveraging the pre-built workflows. Pre-built workflows can also be customized to match the specific workflows in the organization, meaning any policy changes are achievable efficiently.

A Robust and Effective Verification Tool

Certemy offers a comprehensive and reliable license verification tool for healthcare organizations. By providing visibility and control and enabling administrators to customize and build policies, Certemy provides an effective and efficient solution that can significantly reduce the burden of licensing and certification for healthcare professionals.


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