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If you are a nurse manager responsible for verifying professional licenses and credentials within your healthcare workforce, then you already understand how challenging it can be. Trying to keep tabs on all of your nursing staff’s active, valid, and in-compliance insurance licenses and professional certifications?as well as renewals, expiration dates, and other paperwork?is a monumental task. To make it easier, you can turn to the power of automated primary source verification (PSV).

What Is PSV?

Automated primary source verification is a system designed to streamline the process of validating occupational licenses and certifications. By using the PSV system, you can conveniently check licenses and certifications, regardless of the certification authority, in real-time. This means you can see if your employees’ licenses and certifications are up-to-date and in good standing.

What Are the Benefits of PSV for Nurse Managers?

Nurse managers benefit from PSV in numerous ways, including:

1. Complete Visibility and Control of Compliance Programs

When it comes to keeping your healthcare facility compliant, automated primary source verification gives you complete visibility and control. Because you can track and manage licenses and certifications with PSV, you can keep your organizations compliance program in its most optimal state.

2. Automated License Management

For nurse managers, the most stressful part of managing staff licenses and certificates is dealing with the manual paperwork associated with each one. But with the PSV system, all the license and certification data can be managed automatically. This means you no longer have to worry about printing, signing, and filing forms.

3. Real-Time Insight

Because PSV is a real-time system, you can stay on top of any changes and updates that occur in the licenses and certifications of your nursing staff. This gives you the confidence to know that your organization is always in compliance.

4. Increased Productivity

Using automated primary source verification also increases productivity in your nursing staff. With the PSV system, you can streamline the application process for licenses and certifications. This means that your nursing staff can complete applications faster and get the information they need quickly.

5. Improved Staff Utilization

By using the PSV system, nurse managers are able to improve their staff utilization. With real-time access to license and certification information, you can easily assess the skills and credentials of your current staff members and make better decisions about how they can be best utilized.

Concluding remarks

Automated primary source verification is a valuable tool for nurse managers. By using the PSV system, you can easily manage and track the licenses and certifications of your nursing staff in real-time. With PSV, you are able to maintain complete visibility and control of your compliance program, and you can increase staff utilization and productivity.


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