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Leading nurse managers and leaders are inundated with an ever-increasing array of responsibilities, from patient care and outcomes to staff development and beyond. Additionally, for nurse managers and leaders to function effectively, they must meet a variety of government regulatory requirements, and today more than ever, the need for maintaining accurate records of employee licensure, certifications, and credentials is critical. In order to stay ahead of compliance challenges, nurse leaders must continually review their workforce’s licenses and certifications to help protect their employees, their institutions, and ultimately their patients.

In the past, manual systems of record-keeping and tracking for employee licensure, certifications, and credentials presented numerous costly challenges. Many of these traditional methods are time-consuming, creating immense overhead for nurse managers and leaders who are lost in paperwork, scrambling to ensure all their documents are in order. Even if nurse managers and leaders are able to keep up with their documentation processes, there is always the risk of a missed or outdated certification applies and other compliance discrepancies.

As a result, there is an increasing trend towards automation of license verification processes. Certemy is the leading provider of automated license verification systems to help nurse managers and leaders streamline compliance management and mitigate risk in the ever-changing healthcare regulatory environment. Powered by an advanced primary source verification system, Certemy drastically reduces the burden of staying ahead of complicated compliance requirements.

The Certemy license verification platform provides nurse managers and leaders with comprehensive visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. With powerful automation and pre-built workflows, Certemysimplifies the way license and certification applications are managed, tracked, and updated. Through real-time tracking of employee credentials, nurse managers and leaders gain the ability to monitor the status of anyone on staff quickly and easily.

On the administrative side, Certemy eliminates the complexities of managing documentation in multiple systems. Manual records become obsolete, as Certemy pulls data from a variety of sources and updates all employee license information in a single system of record. This makes it easy to keep track of changing regulations, renewals, and any other necessary processes to support license-related activities.

The Certemy license verification platform is also an excellent tool to improve staff utilization. With automated license tracking, nurse managers and leaders can identify the specific credentials held by any nurse on their team, so they can be better matched to appropriate duties. This eliminates potential scheduling issues while ensuring nurses are working in their area of expertise.

As one of the top names in license verification and workforce compliance, Certemy has become a trusted partner of some of the largest employers in the United States. Nurse managers and leaders save time, reduce the risk of errors, and optimize staff productivity with a Certemy automated license verification system.


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