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Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioners (DCNPs) are involved in wide range of complex medical procedures including but not limited to wound care, skin cancer treatments, skin allergy testing, skin biopsies, dermatology surgery, and cosmetic treatments. Not all states require separate board certifications. As such, it is important for employers to verify the licensure of the DCNP in their area.

Employers who wish to ensure they?re in compliance with these regulations must research and verify a DCNP?s credentials. Fortunately, there are solutions like Certemy that make this process easier and more efficient through advanced primary source verification technology.

How Does Automated License Verification Work?

Certemy allows employers to automate their license verification processes. This ensures accuracy and saves time since the data is gathered in real-time. Time-consuming activities such as employee license expiry notifications and renewals are automated so that employers can avoid any unnecessary delays or disruptions in delivering services.

An employer would first register all employees to Certemyso they have a single dashboard to track licenses and credentials. This dashboard provides visibility and control over an entire organizations compliance program. Certemy then obtains the employees licensure status from legitimate sources such as the state board and completes the certification process. Once the verification is complete, employers are alerted of any discrepancies or discrepancies that could affect their organizations compliance with regulations.

Advanced technologies like Certemys are able to track employee license and credentials over a single system of record. Furthermore, custom-built workflows help employers simplify and automate the processes. As such, employers can trust that Certemy is working to tie all their license data in one place, freeing up the time and resources usually spent on researching, tracking, and validating licenses.

Regulatory Compliance and Mitigation of Risk

Licensure verification is critical, especially in the medical sector but also in other industries as well. By automating their license verification process, employers can ensure they are always compliant with all relevant regulations and avoid the risks associated with hiring a worker who is not properly trained and licensed.

This is particularly important in healthcare specific roles like Doctor of Optometry (ODs) or DCNPs. In these roles, the details associated with their board certifications, credentials, experience, and continuing education are all critical pieces of information, any of which could potentially lead to disciplinary action or a law suit if not verified correctly.

To mitigate this risk, employers rely on automated license verification solutions like Certemy to ensure the accuracy of the licensure information they receive. This not only allows employers to stay ahead of any possible issues but also saves them time and money in the long run.

Improving Team Productivity and Visibility

The automated license verification process can also help improve team productivity and visibility across the entire organization. Data gathered from the verification process is quickly and accurately distributed as needed so team members can quickly see who has or does not have a valid license. This improves the speed at which decisions are made, eliminating any unnecessary delays or disruptions in providing services.

Team members can also take advantage of the pre-built workflows available with Certemy as these workflows can be highly customized to the needs of the employer. This allows employers to ensure that licenses are kept up-to-date with minimal effort on their end.

To conclude

Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioners (DCNPs) play a critical role in the medical industry and therefore it is essential that employers verify their Licensure before hiring. This can be a time-consuming process but automated license verification tools like Certemy are available to make employers? work easier and ensure regulatory compliance. They provide a single dashboard to track licenses and credentials so that employers can easily monitor their workforce?s compliance program. Additionally, they provide pre-built workflows so employers can quickly and efficiently automate the license application process.


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