License Verification Tool | Emergency Nurse Practitioner (specialty certification)

Nurse practitioners (NPs) play an integral role in Todays healthcare system, providing high-quality patient care and performing specialized services that bridge the gap between a physician and a Registered Nurse. NPs in specialized areas, such as Emergency Nurse Practitioners, carry an advanced level of certification that requires additional study and training. For healthcare organizations to ensure they are providing safe, ethical patient care, they must ensure their NPs are properly licensed and certified, and that the credentials remain active and free of disciplinary action. This requires a process of primary source verification to ensure the NP’s credentials are valid and accurate.

The primary source verification of Emergency Nurse Practitioner credentials serves two primary purposes. First, It isatisfies the requirements of licensing or regulatory bodies that monitor the qualifications of healthcare providers. In addition, it helps protect the reputation of the hospital by protecting employees from criminal charges, licensing board sanctions, and employer liability suits in the event of a problem.

Despite the clear advantages of primary source verification, many healthcare organizations remain reluctant to adopt the process due to the complexity and lengthy manual process typically involved. Fortunately, modern advancements such as Certemys automated license verification platform provide a comprehensive solution that offers better accuracy, faster processing times, and better overall compliance.

Certemys automated primary source verification system validates occupational licenses and certifications across all Emergency Nurse Practitioners confirming that their credentials are active and appropriately renewed, and free of disciplinary action. The system offers comprehensive visibility and control of workforce compliance programs and helps organizations meet regulations by staying ahead of changes to the licensure environment.

Certemys platform provides additional benefits beyond the core licensure requirements. Pre-built automated workflows are completely configurable, saving time and effort while reducing potential integrity issues and reflecting accurately on a hospital’s reputation. In addition, real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials occur in one system of record, improving team and organizational productivity and visibility.

The process of primary source verification is critical to maintaining quality patient care and protecting healthcare organizations from risk. Certemys automated verification system provides an efficient, effective solution, providing assurance that their NPs are properly certified and compliant while freeing up time for other critical tasks.


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