License Verification Tool | Certified Continence Care Nurse-Advanced Practice

Whether you work in a hospital, outpatient facility, nursing home, rehabilitation or long-term care facility, licensed healthcare professionals must maintain current credentials in a credentialing system to be considered compliant for practice. The process of ensuring the currency of certifications and credentials for healthcare professionals is often labor-intensive. It is often necessary to utilize primary source Verification (PSV) against governing boards and other organizations to validate and monitor certifications and credentials for healthcare professionals and ensure that these healthcare professionals are meeting the required standards. Licensing and educational credentials include Licensed Nurse Certification, Certified Continence Care Nurse-Advanced Practice (CCC-AP), as well as other associated certifications.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification with a secure, automated, and primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications for healthcare professionals. Buildings a compliant healthcare workforce and staying ahead of regulatory Compliance is easy with Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification. Certemys verification process offers complete visibility and control over employee compliance programs, as well as real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials.

Registration and credentialing of healthcare professionals can be readily automated with Certemys easy-to-use system. Their software provides built-in workflows that are easy to configure and aimed to streamline the process of verifying certifications and credentials. With Certemy, organizations are provided with an additional layer of protection by verifying employee license data directly with the regulatory licensing agency. This helps organizations reduce potential risks associated with hiring unlicensed personnel and saves companies time and money.

When employers choose to utilize Certemys primary source verification system and generate a license verifier report, entities have a draft, comprehensive insight into one system of record. By creating a constant link between the employees license record and the company, Certemy allows employers to improve staff utilization and ensure secure access to identity verification. Having all employee licenses monitored and updated in one system of record makes for an incredibly efficient process of keeping a professional workplace.

The Certemysolution offers unlimited verification of licensure, certifications, degrees, and specialized credentials for healthcare professionals and individuals in other industries. By relying on Certemy to provide secure credential and compliance verification, businesses can save time, reduce risk, and better manage their workforce compliance programs in an accurate, compliant fashion.


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