License Verification Tool | Occupational Health Nursing Case Management

Occupational Health Nursing Case Management (OHNCM) is a vital part of healthcare delivery, as it is the assessment and evaluation of patients who have needs related to their profession or occupation. These assessments and evaluations help to identify problems in the workplace and provide solutions to mitigate or eliminate risks. OHNCM can also help identify any medical conditions and offer treatments. Along with OHNCM, organizations must ensure that all employees have the required and necessary certifications, licenses and credentials to perform their duties. By not adhering to these regulations, organizations face significant risk and potential liabilities.

Certemy is a leading provider of license verification services that automates primary source verification (PSV) of occupational licenses and certifications across an organization?s workforce. Having real-time visibility and control of the organization?s compliance program helps to reduce risk and improve team productivity and utilization.

Certemy?s validation process provides automated license tracking with primary source verification which ensures licenses are current, properly renewed and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. This software helps to standardize the workflow processes and streamline the application processes with pre-built automation.

Certemy?s cloud-based software enhances the decision making process by providing key performance indicators (KPIs) and other analytics to simplify and better understand the workforce limited to certain licenses and certifications. Additionally, Certemy offers the ability to identify any special circumstances and compliance limitations such as temporary licensure, restricted Practices or experiential requirements that are specific to certain occupations.

Certemy?s software is trusted by some of the biggest employers in the United States, simplifying the tracking, reporting and managing of compliance programs. Additionally, the software provides internal tracking of employee licenses and credentials in a single system, providing real-time monitoring and visibility.

Organizations looking for an effective way to manage and monitor their compliance program should consider Certemy?s license verification offering. This automated PSV will streamline the process of license application in an effective and comprehensive manner, ensuring that the organization is up-to-date and is compliant with applicable rules and regulations. To ensure that their occupational health and license verification are up-to-date, organizations should turn to Certemy?s license verification software.


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