License Verification Tool | Certified Occupational Health Nurse

Occupational health nurses (OHNs) are healthcare professionals who specialize in workplace safety and occupational health regulations. They play an important role in helping employers identify, manage, and prevent potential workplace health hazards. As a result, their expertise is essential for employers to remain compliant with federal and state regulations.

However, in many companies, OHNs still lack the right technology to be able to efficiently carry out their duties with regard to verifying their employees? certifications and licenses. This is a growing problem in the OHN industry, as manual processes are both time-consuming and impractical for organizations. Fortunately, there are automated solutions that can help streamline the license and certification Verification process.

Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that simplifies and streamlines the process for OHNs. It provides real-time visibility into employee licenses and credentials, allowing OHNs to quickly and accurately review and verify them. This helps them ensure that their organization is compliant with the latest state and federal regulations regarding healthcare professionals. Moreover, the automated system eliminates manual paperwork, allowing OHNs to focus more on their mission to protect workplace safety and health.

The automated system uses an intuitive workflow to quickly process employee license and certification information. It automatically tracks credentials and sends out alerts when any of them are about to expire. This allows OHNs to stay ahead of the regulatory Compliance curve and ensure that employees have the most up-to-date information on their credentials. Additionally, the system provides configurable workflows to streamline the license application process, ensuring that it is as efficient as possible.

This automated system also provides comprehensive, real-time access to all relevant employee data. This information can be filtered and customized to individual employee profiles. This allows OHNs to view and share employee information in a secure environment in an efficient and organized manner.

Overall, the automated license and certification verification system offered by Certemy helps OHNs streamline their license and certification verification process. It helps them save time and money by reducing manual paperwork and providing real-time access to employees? credentials. Furthermore, it eliminates the risk of violating workplace safety laws and regulations, protecting both the organization and its employees.


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