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With today’s enforcement of labor regulations, safeguarding a business from financial costs and security risks is an ongoing challenge. In order to optimize Compliance in virtually any industry, employers must ensure their staff members are licensed and certified, and that their credentials remain current and verifiable. Certified Corrections Nurse/Manager professionals have a special responsibility to ensure their employees have the necessary and proper qualifications to complete their duties. To facilitate the task of Verification and renewal, Certified Corrections Nurse/Manager owners should implement an automated primary source verification system.

When considering a license or certification solution, it pays to find one that is purpose-built for Certified Corrections Nurse/Manager operations. Certemy, for example, is a comprehensive and comprehensive solution for automating the license review, renewal, and verification process. With this and similar license and certification tools, Certified Corrections Nurse/Manager owners can reduce time and costs associated with tracking employee credentials, improve staff utilization while remaining compliant with applicable regulations, and provides complete visibility and control over the staff license program.

When researching a license or certification solution, the following is a checklist of considerations for Certified Corrections Nurse/Manager owners:

?Real-Time Tracking: Is the solution capable of real-time tracking of employee licenses and certifications, providing up-to-date visibility of credentials across the organization?

?Automated System of Record: Does the solution provide a single system of record to store and track credentials?

?Pre-Built Workflows: Does the product include pre-built workflows that can be configured to automate license and certification application processes?

?Workflow Management: Does the solution allow administrators to tailor workflows and process to accommodate organizational standards?

?Credentials Verification: Does the system provide an automated primary source verification process to ensure accuracy and compliance?

?Staying Compliance: Does the system enable you to remain compliant with applicable industry standards?

Certemy, for example, supports all of the above considerations. But most importantly, Certified Corrections Nurse/Manager owners should look for an automated license verification solution that keeps staff members free of sanctions or other disciplinary issues while ensuring credentials remain up-to-date and active.

Altogether, an automated primary source verification system enables Certified Corrections Nurse/Manager owners to stay compliant while mitigating risk and improving staff utilization. Companies such as Certemy have the experience needed to provide a quality and cost-efficient solution for tracking employee credentials while keeping certification and licensing process running smoothly.


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