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Human resources (HR) departments are responsible for staffing, onboarding, and managing employee records in many constructs – from payroll, tax, and benefits to licensing and credentials. HR Compliance managers have a challenging task in balancing the delicate dance of license tracking and primary source Verification. By automating their license tracking processes, companies can quickly gain visibility across their organization and easily stay ahead of regulatory compliance with verifiable data.

At Certemy, we understand the complex burden experienced by HR compliance professionals, and that’s why we created a license verification solution that simplifies this process. Our tools offer full visibility and control of the HR compliance program, with primary source verification validating occupational licenses to confirm that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free from disciplinary action.

The Certemysolution is trusted by some of the largest US employers, providing results which offer time savings, risk mitigation, and improved staff utilization. Our system offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, giving employers full access to a range of digital records for their HR compliance program. In addition, we provide pre-built workflows – with full configurability – to help automate license application processes for maximum efficiency.

By using a licensed verification program, HR departments can review, audit, and approve digital versions of employee licenses in a single system of record. Documents can be verified for accuracy and completeness, helping to reduce manual data entry and improve overall accuracy. Also, with an automated system, there is less chance of human error and incorrect record keeping, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity for the compliance team.

Another benefit of using a license verification tool is increased compliance visibility. Employers can review and update employee credentials as needed, as well as increase their understanding of local and federal employment regulations. Moreover, with real-time tracking, organizations gain visibility into their compliance program and ensure they maintain the highest standards of compliance. This will help to protect themselves, their employees, and the businesses as a whole.

At Certemy, we recognize the unique complexity of HR compliance processes, and the need for automated license tracking and verification. Our goal is to help organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance, to save time, and to maximize staff utilization. With the Certemy license verification solution, employers can easily track and manage licenses and certifications while providing visibility and control across the entire organization.


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