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As legal and regulatory guidelines become ever more complex, staying ahead of compliance requirements related to professional licenses can take up a great amount of time and resources. Not only does this require ensuring that each employees license is kept up-to-date, but also requires tracking any disciplinary actions that have been taken against the employee. With the help of Certemy, companies now have access to an automated primary source verification system that validates employee licenses in real-time, saving them precious time and resources.

Powerful, Automated Primary Source Verification

The primary source verification system provided by Certemy is designed to ensure companies remain ahead of any potential risks related to labour compliance. Utilizing primary source verification makes it possible to accurately validate employee occupational licenses and certifications while checking for any disciplinary actions taken against them. When integrated with a companies existing HR and compliance systems, Certemys system can automatically track and manage emotional licenses and certifications in one central system of record.

Compliance Through Visibility

Certemys primary source verification system offers complete visibility and control of a companies compliance program. Without having to log into each individual behind disciplinary actions in a manual process, companies can now get instant access to the compliance statuses and license details for any of their employees. This kind of transparency increases the efficiency of the workforce and elevates visibility across the entire organization.

A Fully Configurable Solution

Certemy also offers the convenience of pre-built workflows to further support efficient license application processes. These workflows can be customized and leveraged in an effortless manner, ensuring that any license application process is carried out without any disruptions or bottlenecks.

Key point

With Certemy, companies can streamline their working license management system and proactively manage their compliance program across all of their workers. By providing powerful automation capabilities and complete visibility through primary source verification, Certemy makes license tracking and management a relatively simple process.


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