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As an HR professional, onboarding is an important part of your job, yet it can also be a time- and resource-consuming process. Different employees have different levels of compliance requirements, and navigating through each one can be a tedious process. With greater responsibility comes a greater risk of legal action or fines. That?s why an automated license verification system is necessary to alleviate the stress and ensure your compliance program meets regulatory standards.

Primary source verification is the best method to ensure a worker?s license or certification is current and active. While manual process might have been the norm in the past, that system is no longer reliable and fails to provide full insight or risk management. When searching for an automated solution for license verification, Certemystands out as the best and most reliable.

Mitigating Risk With Automated License Verification

Not only does automated license verification make your job easier, It is better suited to reduce risk as it uncovers any potential issues with a worker?s license. Not to mention it provides employers with real-time tracking of licenses and certification, so potential issues can be picked up earlier.

what is more, Certemy logs and updates licenses internally so you don?t have to worry about sending out reminder emails or making individual phone calls to confirm license validity. This is an especially useful feature for HR professionals who work with a large and ever-changing workforce, allowing them to keep track of each worker?s credentials with minimal effort.

Manage Licenses Across Your Whole Organisation Easily

Certemy also allows you to improve team productivity and provides visibility across an entire organisation. HR professionals can access and utilize optimised workflows to ensure license and credential applications records are accurate and up to date. This allows them to stay compliant and better manage their employee license information.

Better still, the platform offers customisable portals and gateways for key stakeholders, allowing them to have an improved overview of the compliance program. what is more, it can easily integrate with most HRIS and EHR systems, so you won?t need to open multiple software to get the information you need.

Making Compliance Simple

Certemy is trusted by several of the largest employers in the US, due to its simple yet effective process that guarantees compliant, protected, and efficient workforces across a variety of businesses. That?s why you can count on it to simplify and streamline your licensing requirements.

Not only can you trust Certemys automated system for primary source verification, you can also be confident that the data is secure and compliant with building regulation such as GDPR. Ultimately, this compliance control goes a long way towards providing convenience and peace of mind to employers.


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