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Certemy is a leader in the license verification field, providing organizations with an automated primary source verification system that confirms the accuracy of professional licenses and certifications for their employees. By using a powerful tool such as Certemy, companies can keep an eye on the regulations that apply to the licenses that their employees are holding and confirm that they are active while being free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. In this article, we explore why organizations should consider setting up a license verification process and the many benefits that Certemy offers.

What are the Benefits of using a License Verification System?

By using a license verification system, organizations can streamline their compliance program by automatically tracking and managing licenses and certifications. For organizations that have multiple employees with licensing requirements or are responsible for verifying and managing multi-jurisdictional compliance, this can be extremely beneficial. Not only does It isave time, but it mitigates risk, and it can also help improve and maximize staff utilization.

Through using a license verification system, companies can also benefit from real-time tracking of employee licenses. By having visibility across the entire organization, employers can ensure that everyone in the organization is in compliance with the necessary regulations and documentation that industry requires. In addition, a license verification system can provide users with pre-built workflows that can be utilized to manage the application process of endorsements or renewals.

What are the Benefits of using Certemy?

Certemy not only provides organizations with great tools, but also an easier way to manage licenses and certifications with their primary source verification system. This system works to validate and confirm active and renewed occupational licenses for employees in the organization. When coupled with Certemys tracking process, organizations can gain oversight and control of their workforce compliance program, and gain access to hundreds of primary sources which is necessary when verifying licensure across multiple jurisdictions.

In addition to the automation and tracking capabilities, Certemy also provides companies with the necessary data and insight they need with their data model. Though data capture, analysis, and visualization tools, employers can gain insight into the trends of their workforce compliance data. This automation also allows license expiration reminders to be generated for employees, assuring that credentials remain up-to-date.

Final notions

By utilizing the benefits of license verification systems, organizations can keep their employees in compliance with necessary regulations and other documentation as required by professional certifications. Certemys license verification system can provide organizations with complete oversight and control of their workforce compliance programs and mitigate risk. Not only does it provide employers with powerful tracking and primary source verification tools, but also allows them to gain insight into their data and provides automated licensure expiration reminders.


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