License Verification Tool | Acute/Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist – Pediatric (Renewal Only)

Acute and critical care clinical nurse specialists in pediatric nursing provide vital assessments, treatments, and interventions to critically ill children and adolescents. As a specialized area of practice, such specialists maintain specific certifications and licensures to demonstrate their levels of knowledge, experience, and skill.

The challenge of accurately verifying licensing and credentialing for such nursing professionals falls to employers, who must remain compliant with government regulations and avoid possible lawsuits and/or fines. Companies operating in this space must have confidence that their personnel are actively licensed, appropriately renewed, and free of any sanctions and/or disciplinary actions.

At Certemy, we provide automated primary source Verification of occupational licenses, credentials, and certification to keep employers ahead of the regulatory Compliance curve. Our platform can be utilized to track and manage employee licensure and certifications with primary source verification to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.

The heart of our platform is the real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in a single system. This feature alone grants employers improved productivity and visibility across their entire organization. This visibility also helps speed up the process of changing jobs or creating training programs that fit the individual needs and qualifications of applicants.

Our platform further allows for improved configurability of license application processes. With workflows that are customizable, employers can quickly establish consistent and compliant processes with our easy to use license verification software. This can save time and reduce the risks associated with manual processes.

Aside from our platform?s automatic license verification system, employers also gain access to LicenceLogix, which provides additional real-time primary source license verification for credentials and certifications. This allows you to confidently and accurately audit and verify your personnel?s licensure and certification – giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on higher priorities within the organization.

At Certemy, we truly understand the unique needs of the clinical healthcare industry. Our platform grants new and enhanced compliance capabilities to healthcare organizations. License verification with Certemy will provide the peace of mind for acute/critical care clinical nurse specialists in pediatric nursing and their employers.


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