License Verification Tool | Certified in Perinatal Loss Care

When dealing with tragic perinatal loss, agonies that a family experience are incalculable. To provide adequate support to these families in their time of need, healthcare workers must be certified in perinatal loss care. To ensure that healthcare professionals providing such care have the appropriate credentials, occupational license and certifications Verification is essential. Licensed paramedics and nursing staff must remain up-to-date in order to ensure that the appropriate care is being provided.

Certemic provides an automated primary source verification system that validates license and certifications of healthcare professionals. This system helps employers have visibility and control of their Compliance program. The verification process makes sure that the licenses remain current and free of any sanctions or other disciplinary actions. When license and certification validation is done automatically, it helps employers save time and money, while also staying ahead of regulatory compliance.

The automated primary source verification system from Certemy is trusted by major employers in the United States. With the help of this system, organizations can track and manage license and certifications in a single system, improving team productivity. The entire process is fully configurable, allowing employers to create custom workflows in order to automate license application process.

The main objectives of this system are to:

* Provide transparency and control to the employers for workforce compliance programs

* Help the organizations remain updated and aware of any compliance issues

* Allow employers to remain ahead of regulatory compliance

* Improve team productivity and resource utilization

* Automate license application processes

By using the automated certificate verification system provided by Certemy, employers can ensure that healthcare workers providing perinatal loss care are certified and have the necessary licenses to practice. With real-time tracking of credentials in one system of record, this system helps healthcare organizations design necessary searching and review functions to keep track of their employees and provide them with the necessary training and certifications.

Additionally, Certemy caters to a wide range of industries, such as finance, healthcare, insurance and more. The purpose of Certemys services is to increase efficiency and decrease compliance costs while simultaneously helping organizations ensure that the licenses and certifications of their employees remain up-to-date and current.

By using an automated primary source verification system such as Certemy, employers in the healthcare industry are able to improve the quality of care they provide and make sure that their personnel are reliable and provide adequate treatments for perinatal loss.


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