License Verification Tool | High-Risk Perinatal Nursing

High-risk perinatal nursing is a vital job that requires a precise combination of skill, knowledge, and experience. Professionals who work in this field require a specialized license issued by the relevant state board. However, ensuring that the license is accurate and valid can be a complicated process for organizations that employ numerous nurses. Employers need to stay on top of the expiration dates of licenses, track applicants while they wait on the license to be issued, and look out for potential criminal offenses. Compliance teams have to scrutinize the primary sources, verify the veracity of the documents provided, and ensure the license-holding individuals meet the legal requirements in their profession.

The process of license verification can be time-consuming and tedious. With the increased need for oversight of personnel licenses, organizations need a streamlined solution that can automate the process and manage the complexities associated with license verification. Certemy is an occupational license verification platform that provides a comprehensive solution to streamline the license verification process for employers while remaining compliant with the relevant regulations.

Certemy automates the license verification process with an automated primary source verification system. The system acts as a single source of truth and provides employers with complete visibility and control over their personnel?s professional certification. The primary source verification allows employers to ensure that the nursing professionals in their organization meet all of their legal requirements and are free from any potential sanctions or disciplinary actions.

Certemys system records employee license details in a single system of record, helping employers to stay ahead of any regulatory compliance. Pre-built workflows that are fully configurable help to automate the license application processes and eliminate any manual errors or delays in the remittance of documents. Accurate real-time tracking of licenses and credentials assists in improving the teams productivity and overall visibility across the organization.

Certemys automated license verification system is trusted by some of the largest employers in the US to reduce time and costs associated with license verification. The platform provides employers with a simple solution to organize their personnel?s data, creating an environment to review, track, and manage licenses and certifications within a secure system.

High-risk perinatal nursing is an important field that requires professionals with the right credentials. Compliance teams and HR departments need to ensure that all of their personnel are actively licensed and up to date with their certification to ensure that they are meeting the legal required standards. Employers can streamline their license verification process with Certemys automated primary source verification. Their users can ensure the accuracy and validity of their personnel?s professional credentials with a single source of truth.


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