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As the healthcare industry continues to strive to meet the needs of both patients and practitioners, there is an ever-increasing importance placed on ensuring providers are properly licensed and certified to provide a safe and effective working environment. Post-anesthesia nurses are especially reliant on demonstrating and upholding certifications and credentials, as they are responsible for the comfort and safety of patients during and after critical surgical and medical procedures. As such, a reliable and secure means of certification verification is an essential tool in the arsenal of any health provider or compliance lead.

Certemy provides a comprehensive and automated primary source verification system designed to take the complexity out of verifying occupational licenses and certifications across a multitude of staff members. This intelligent system promises to provide an unprecedented level of control and visibility over all staff compliance programs, ensuring all possible protocols are being met.

Who is Certemy?

Certemy was founded in 2017 by a group of technology entrepreneurs with a vision of equipping employers with a cost-effective and reliable method of managing their workforce compliance programs. The Certemysystem uses an automated license tracking procedure to make sure that staff credentials are up to date and all requirements are confirmed and maintained.

The Certemy Advantage

The primary benefit of the Certemysystem is the significant time and resource savings it provides. Companies no longer have to spend countless hours manually collecting information, verifying documents, and possibly entering errors into the system – Certemy does all of this and more, with a greater emphasis on accuracy.

The process begins to work as soon as the applicant applies for a license or certification. All information collected is validated by a certified reviewer through a carefully vetted process. This process allows employers to be sure that the employee has a valid license or certification.

Second, the Certemysystem allows an employer to easily monitor license renewal dates and follow up immediately if a renewal is not complete. This has the potential to save employers immense frustration and potential financial penalties by ensuring all licenses are appropriately renewed. Keeping up with renewals also allows employers to stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements.

The system also puts a level of control and visibility throughout the entire structure of the business. With the ability to track employee compliance programs, employers can gain insights into the budget and the overall performance of the company at any given time. This level of access and control also allows HR staff to use more pre-built workflows to automate the entire process of submitting license applications, potentially making the entire procedure smoother and faster.

The Certemysystem in Action

To implement the Certemy verification system, employers first create an account. With a simple navigation bar, companies can evaluate their workforce to make sure all licenses are accurate, up-to-date, and free from sanctions or disciplinary actions. The data can then be exported into a unified workspace where all information is made readily available in one location.

The Certemy dashboard also provides employers with custom options to not only view status updates on each employee, but also manage the workflow of their entire workforce. This feature is especially useful for large organizations with hundreds or thousands of staff members that can keep track of certifications in real-time.

High-Grade Security

Finally, Certemy employs some of the highest-grade security protocols on the market today, designed to ensure all user data is safe and secure. With the introductions of data encryption and multi-layered authentication protocols, Certemy makes sure user login credentials and certificates data are not accessible to malicious third-parties.

To summarize

Certifying an effective post-anesthesia nurse is a critical part of any successful healthcare provider?s system. Certemys automated primary source verification system provides an incredibly useful tool for employers to make sure they have the best of the best on their staff. With a secure and reliable platform, employers can manage and control their workforce compliance programs in real-time and track licenses far more efficiently.


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